Physical Security

Our Physical Security Group plans and manages the protection of sensitive facilities and events all over the world from airports to energy plants and from educational campuses to single office buildings.

Our Physical Security services include:

  • On-Site Survey
  • Loss Prevention
  • Risk Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Master Planning
  • Detail Design
  • Security Training
  • Audit Control
  • Implementation

Securing People, Assets And Events

We provide physical security Consultancy services for:

  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Aerospace
  • Mass Transit
  • Educational Campuses
  • Sporting Events
  • Mega Events
  • Dignitary Protection
  • VIP Protection

Cyber Security

Our cyber security team is an integral part of our 360° approach, providing innovative services throughout an entire organization.


Organizations in today’s business environment innovate and create, changing our world daily. But this valued innovation also affords attackers with new opportunities and platforms to carry out an ever-shifting range of cyber attacks.

Implementing EvolveTec cyber solutions throughout your entire organization will spark behavioral change and create a new culture of security. This culture, based on your organization’s needs, will reach all disciplines and act as a business enabler, protecting your assets and driving overall performance.


Our cyber security group will bring to our clients not only expertise and real-time experience defending against cyber threats, but also insight into the minds of would-be attackers and the gaps that they seek to identify and penetrate in existing security programs and systems.